Hydraulic Torque Wrench

HYTORC hydraulic torque wrench not only offers the highest power to weight ratio, but also delivers accuracy within the range of +/- 3% of the torque output. Therefore, a hydraulic torque wrench offers the best accuracy and flexibility of usage in terms of torque range offered.

HYTORC’s Hydraulic Wrench has two variations namely: square drive (external socket required) and direct fit (hex) drive variants. They offer several variants with features like front side reaction arm, auto release, torque and angle dial, multi-axis swivel, hands free operation, dual piston torque wrenches, slim body, titanium and aluminum tool bodies and many more.

HYTORC introduced the Simultorc bolting process to reduce time during assembly and disassembly. Simultorc is the use of 2 or more (in multiples of 2 or 4) tools to improve productivity when bolting. Fewer passes to complete a bolting job, provides even and accurate bolt load on the flange surface. This technology is made possible with the HYTORC Hydraulic pumps that support up to 4 tools connected to one pump. This parallel joint closure technique is widely recognized by the ASME PCC-1-2013 (Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly) as the preferred method for flanged joint assembly.

The ICE, Stealth and Avanti are compatible for use with the HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut.

SQUARE DRIVE – Available with output up to 1,87,794 Nm


The ICE torque wrench is the most advanced hydraulic bolting system which is developed with an experience of 50 years of research and development. Dedicated to industrial bolting, ICE features patented industry-first innovations.


Offering the widest range of torque output with a maximum of more than 1, 87,794 Nm, an AVANTI hydraulic torque tools is industry’s next-generation bolting solution for all requirements.


With more than hundred thousand units sold, the MXT model is the best-selling industrial hydraulic torque wrench since 1990. Serving multiple applications in major industries, MXT is the most reliable, durable, and accuracy in the industry.


The EDGE torque wrench was crafted 30 years ago and has been developed constantly to deliver repeated workhorse performance. With a simple three-part design, the EDGE can deliver high torque value with repeated results.

HEX DRIVE – Available with output up to 80,143 Nm


Coined to be the most advance limited clearance hydraulic bolting system, the STEALTH hydraulic torque tool offers a slim design that can complete jobs in confined spaces with unparalleled power and speed. An ideal tool for applications under maintenance, they are compatible with HYTORC washer and nut.


With over one hundred thousand sales globally, XLCT is the world’s best-selling limited clearance hydraulic torque wrench for more than two and half decades. The signature HYTORC tool has represented reliability, quality and durability for every major industry.


The most powerful and consistent limited clearance hydraulic wrench, Versa is crafted for jobs that require repeated high torque values. Designed more than two and a half decades ago, they are consistently developed by adopting new technologies to deliver the highest accuracy and power in the industry.