HYTORC Accessories, customizable solutions for joint-integrity

HYOTRC accessories offer customized solutions for industries that require a specific fitment for an application. Additionally, accessories also offer replacement for broken accessories due to wear off or excessive usage. Our mission is to offer joint-integrity in every application, customizable accessories offers us the opportunity to meet our vision.


To develop robust tools, HYTORC’s line sockets come with a new coating that protect them from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Considering our customer feedback on corroding sockets, we’ve upgraded the quality of our sockets.

Reaction fixtures

Customized made reaction arms to guarantee safety and efficiency in all bolting jobs.

Offset Link

The cartridge system of the HYTORC Offset Link allows it to be used with A/F nut sizes ranging from 1” (30mm) to 3” (80mm). The cartridges are easy to fit or remove through two bolts.